Monday, August 27, 2012

Blanket, birds and a birthday party

Birdie No1

My blanket of granny squares is coming along very slowly and at this rate it might be a graduation present. It is a very soothing project that I can take up in between other things that I am doing and one that at this stage requires very little brain power, which is just as well, as I seem to be losing what little I have at the moment. 

I managed to finish two crocheted birds, one for each of the children, and I think they turned out very well ( thanks Lucy at Attic 24). I have had to retie the bells on birdie number two at least 10 times as my son kept on accidentally undoing the knots as he played with the bells ( such a lovely sound).They are now both hanging  safely on the bedroom wall and I am inordinately proud of making something lovely and completely impractical for the kids.

Birdie No 2 with his bells
There are so many other projects I would love to try but time is so limited between work, running a home and looking after the children. My next project will either be a crochet bag or an owl ......or maybe a ripple blanket .. or a pair of Mary Jane slippers. I am not good with choices so maybe I should just dive in and not even try to decide where to start.

 Cake from the Pink Cake Box

I am also trying to plan my birthday party which will be in a few weeks time. I cannot decide whether we should braai ( barbecue for those of you who are not South African) or have a proper High Tea. I will keep you updated on the progress of these preparations. I am angling towards a braai but am dying to try out a lovely Topsy Turvy cake or one with plenty of flowers and stripes or maybe even a combination of the two. whatever I decide I am sure it will be great fun.

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