Friday, September 7, 2012

Not graceful but full of grace

My second name means graceful and as a young girl I so desperately wanted to be a ballerina or a gymnast. I used to love ( and still do )watching those girls glide and pirouette so lightly over the floor. I dreamt of appearing on stage or at competitions and being the belle of the ball. The reality is that I was built for speed and not grace. As a student at university I once had a guy tell me I could kick start a Boeing with my thighs ( the fact that I remember the comment tells you how much it hurt). That coupled with being an introvert, being clumsy ( if there is someone who is going to spill something or trip, it is usually me) and then having very bad soft tissue damage to me feet as a result of a child hood accident meant that those dreams just never came true.

As an adult I have come to realise that my Heavenly Father looks at my heart and not my body. He is molding me and making me more and more "grace-full" as I get older. I still sometimes wish I could dance or do gymnastics, be beautiful and graceful, be the princess at the ball with perfect hair and a lovely figure. But these days the hurt is fleeting at what I am not and my Father reminds me regularly that I am full of His grace and that as I draw closer to Him, I become more beautiful and grace-full on the inside. I am so grateful for the love of a Heavenly Father, who looks at this wallflower and sees a perfect rose.


  1. This is such a heart felt post and one I can relate to. Thank you for reminding us that father God makes us beautiful and sees a perfect rose.

  2. Very beautiful thoughts on how God makes us to be His and that is enough.:)

  3. This is such a beautiful post. That when I draw closer to the Father, I become more beautiful and graceful on the inside. To carry grace on the inside, that is what is most important. Stopped over from the 5MF!