Friday, March 15, 2013


Late yesterday afternoon I sat next to a large pond at the conference centre after a very hectic day of learning about all things I needed to know if I had to report abuse of a child. This conference followed on the heels of a flooded upstairs bedroom and hallway, a week of a child having temperatures of 40 degrees due to tonsillitis and a 4 day stay in hospital, a blown engine that had to be replaced, three days of working on a cake order that was a complete disaster, a six monthly report and a monthly statistics report, two training sessions, a new dog ( see previous post) and all the usual business of being a working mom and wife.

As I sat next to that pond listening to the waterfall and hearing the geese squawking, I could feel myself relax and my shoulders unbunch. My breathing slowed down and I could feel a peacefulness steal over me. Just a quiet half  hour out of a hectic schedule but I felt so refreshed. Is that not what we need to do sometimes. Steal a few quiet moments to come to rest and renew our spirits. A time to pray or just to be quiet in order to recharge and fling ourselves into the fray. Why is it so difficult to do as women and why do we never seem to realise how much we really need it?


  1. So glad the Lord gave you the gift of a moment to rest. It's true- I'm not sure why we push ourselves to the brink before we just take a moment to breathe, but thank God He breathes through His Word. So glad to read this! Thank you.

  2. Wow! So true, so true. Just a few moments sometimes right? I'm delighted that you got those moments. Here's to a weekend that is uneventful and downright boring - after your week - you deserve it! Thank you for sharing today.