Monday, March 11, 2013

A new family member ...

Oscar in his favourite position
I am not someone who easily posts about our animals but I really had to do a bit of bragging.We have recently welcomed a new family member into our home. Not the two legged kind ( that is a post for another day) but the furry four legged kind. Daisy came to us after much searching and false starts. We got Oscar, our lovely boy, as a rescue last February. His family were going off to Central Africa on a four year contract and were very hesitant to take him with. We found him through a wonderful rescue organisation who rehomes Labrador's and golden retrievers. He is a lovely dog but I think has been a bit lonely.

I have been searching for months for a lady companion for him but with no luck, as each dog I saw was sort of right but not perfect.... until I saw Daisy.What got me hook,line and sinker was her big, soft brown eyes.She is a cross collie/shepherd with a gentle nature and enough extra fur to build a completely new dog.

Daisy's first night at our home
She has made herself at home here very quickly and has wriggled her way into our hearts. It was love at first sight for Oscar and he spent the first two days licking her from top to toe. They have become great friends almost instantly.Thanks to Wendy, the very kind lady who rescued her from death row and brought her to us. We plan to love her for many years to come.

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