Monday, April 8, 2013


As I sit writing, there are dishes piled high in the kitchen, school bags to be packed, washing on the line and a million other things calling for my attention. Tomorrow seems like a mountain ahead of me as the new school term starts. As I look ahead I am so unprepared, both physically and emotionally, for what the next few months will bring.  The challenges seems overwhelming and I feel so small. Why do I feel as if I have to do this on my own, as if God is not in control and has so many more resources to meet my needs than I could ever dream of ? I know that I need to rest in Him, trusting for peace and for Him to meet the needs that I know I cannot. Just today, as I was fretting about winter clothes for the children and how on earth was I going buy two new winter wardrobes when we barely have enough for the basics, there was a knock at the door, a generous neighbour bringing a bag load of clothes for my daughter. What a blessing. Why is it so hard to trust my Heavenly Father, when He has proved over and over again His ability to provide?

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