Monday, August 20, 2012


 I saw a t-shirt recently on a Facebook page that said Introverts Unite. Individually. Mostly that is how I feel. I am an introvert by nature and not really good with spoken words, although most people wouldn't guess. I like people but for the majority of the time I really prefer my own company, sitting quietly in a corner reading or crocheting and letting the world flow gently over and around me. I sometimes feel that I am not good with written words either, especially today,as it feels as if major writers block has set in. Yet put my hands to work with something creative and they " speak " far better that I ever can. It feels as if they have a life of their own.

the start of a purple and lilac giraffe, as requested by my little girl
On the days when my words do not flow easily or swiftly and I feel linguistically clumsy and stupid and dull, I find my hands doing something creative and it brings a certain amount of healing to my insecurities. My most productive periods on a creative level seem to be when my words fail or my heart and head are so full that the only why I can express myself is through my hands. It is so soothing to pick up a crochet hook or knitting needles and some wool and make something new and uniquely me or bake a cake or sew a toy or even plant something pretty in the garden. I feel as if the words I cannot say come out in my "art", whatever form that might take. Already I feel better, having done a bit of sewing tonight. And just maybe, by tomorrow morning, my words will have returned and I will feel able to face the world again, talking and hiding my innate introversion in a world full of extroverts.

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