Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dolls House on a budget

It is school holidays and I have two very busy little bodies to keep entertained. They have a box of dolls house furniture that they love playing with but no dolls house. We are on a very tight budget and while I would love to buy them a large dolls house with all the attachments that is just not possible at the moment. So what is a mom to do? Well, get creative! I made  a four room house out of two flat boxes, some scrap material and some string. 

 I need to mention that the furniture is a little bit bigger than that of a Polly Pocket and the size of the boxes I used are about about 30 by 50 centimetres squared.You will need to use boxes large enough to fit the furniture of the dolls you are using. Also, if you are making a house for Barbie, the walls will have to be much higher than I have made for my house.

I took two large, flat boxes we had lying around. You could make as many rooms as you like of different sizes but these two boxes were more than big enough for our needs.You can also use normal boxes and cut the walls  to the required size. Cut the box about 5cm from the bottom of the box and tape the flaps shut. Lie the boxes next to each other and then make holes along the inner two sides which are touching, lining up the holes so that they match.String some  ties through the holes or if you do not have any, just use some string and tie the boxes together.

Next choose some fabric to line the bottom of the boxes. I used two different colours in each box ( a very pink pink as chosen by my daughter and two different blues chosen by my son) to make four separate rooms. Cut the material to size and then glue it to the bottom of the box.This is as far a we have gone but you can let your imagination run wild and cut doors and windows into the side of the boxes, cut out pictures from magazines to glue to the "walls" as art work, even make curtains for the windows by cutting out squares of material and gluing them over the window openings.

Finally get down on the floor and play.This is the best part of making a dolls house and a great excuse to play with dolls ( particularly if your next birthday is the big 40).

Have fun and post some photo's to let me see how it turns out

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