Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you special dads. I particularly want to say thanks to my wonderful husband and my own dad for all they do for our families.

 Here is a list of some of the wonderful things I can say than you for to my husband:
  • Tea in bed every morning ( I am spoilt , I know)
  • Holding my hand through a 27 hour labour ( not fun and I really do not think I could have done that)
  • Staying calm and taking care of me when my waters broke at 32 weeks and we were an hour away from the hospital.
  • Washing dishes (which I hate)
  • Going out searching for pineapple in the middle of winter because I HAD to have some pineapple NOW during my second pregnancy
  • Endless readings of "The cat in the Hat" and other favourite stories, to the point where Daddy can quote entire sections from the book
  • Staying at home with sick children when I cannot.
  • Supporting and encouraging me as a mom
  • Valiant efforts at doing a ponytail every morning ( what a special dad)
  • Singing silly nonsense songs because the children love them
  • Train rides, visits to the zoo, taking us to granny and grandpa, long walks together.
  • Letting us have a dog when you are not a dog person
  • Letting us watch endless reruns of How to train your dragon,Cars, Barney ( a particular favourite), Mary Poppins and a long list of other DVDs.
  • Making yummy pancakes on Saturday nights.
  • Taking care of our family 
If you want to read the job description for dads, go to Stray Thoughts. Barbarah has given a long list of things that men let them self in for when they take on the role of dad .

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