Saturday, June 16, 2012

My awesome premmie

We received Noah's first school report on Friday and my heart broke.Every mom wants her child to be top of the class with masses of friends. Or do we? Noah' s report was not very encouraging. His marks were mostly 1's (still exploring the skill) and I cried myself to sleep last night wondering if we have failed him in some manner. This morning brought a new perspective. Noah is a happy, healthy little boy. He is an introvert like his mom, which goes a long way in explaining why he has no special friend at school yet ( he has only been there six weeks). He has reached all his milestones, taking his time but getting there in the end. His conception and birth are both miracles and my baby boy is a fighter, surviving his first few precarious days with a battle. He is funny,curious, fiercely protective of his sister and generally just a normal little boy. He loves reading and music, plays endlessly with is cars and will seldom say no a game of "golf" ( read anything involving a ball ) with his granny or granpa.Maybe his pencil grip and some of his other skills are not quite what they should be but I know my boy will be okay in the long run and I just need to trust him that he will get there is his own time and in his own inimitable way.

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