Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today's post is so different to what I had planned to write, so maybe someone needs to hear this. I discovered Laura Story's music on another blog that I follow but did not know her name or the name of the song.  Blessings by Laura Story just spoke to me so deeply, as I am coming out of what has been a very difficult time in my marriage, when I cried and prayed with seemingly no answer. Yesterday my husband and I were in a music shop and this song was playing. Isn't it awesome how God works. I happened to be in that shop just as this song was playing. It talks of how God's blessings sometimes come in the midst of our greatest trials and sorrow. It is so difficult to believe this and yet how do we grow if we are not tested and our faith is never stretched. It is so easy to believe in a great God when the bank balance is full, your marriage has a fairy tale quality, your children are healthy and happy and all is right in your world. How can your faith be tested in times of plenty? When you lose a baby to a miscarriage, when there is no food in the house and no money in the bank, when it seems as if your marriage is about to implode with no chance of restoration, when you are sick and the doctors cannot find an answer, when your beloved newborn lies in NICU, covered in tubes and fighting for life, when you only have God to turn to, THAT is when you see His blessing. I can testify to this as I have been there. He is  a great God and He is faithful and merciful.Thank you so much Laura for helping me to remember this. If you want to read more about Laura's and her music, she can be found at www.laurastorymusic.com

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