Sunday, May 26, 2013

The great procraftinator

I have always had a bit of a short attention span, unless it comes to reading a really good book ( I have just finished reading Jeffrey Deaver's The Twelfth Car , sort of borderline ADD when it comes to new projects. Loving crafts and all things pretty and frivolous as well as now having a great intent connection ( thanks to hubby) I do not know where to pick up and where to leave.  Pinterest has so much wonderful inspiration and just reading Lucy at Attic24 or Stephanie at Imagine our Life makes me want to start a new project. At the moment I am busy with a lovely crochet bag, care of Lucy at Attic24. We have just had our Easter holidays and in between tending sick children and a sick self as well as throwing out bags of clothing, I started a take along play mat as well as Stephanie's absolutely gorgeous Fire engine quiet book at Imagine our life.

 Winter is coming at a dizzy pace and I have wanted to knit hats for the children for a while, so today I finally started a pink one, which I am planning to customise with a flower ( or two ). Please note the operative words in all these projects....... I started. Maybe by blogging about it, I will have a bit more motivation to finish at least one of them. But there are so many others I would love to try.. a daisy granny square blanket, a ripple quilt, a flower cushion, a playhouse, a flower garden. I also have a few ideas for a winter wreath, inspired by Lucy at Attic 24.

Just on the side line, I have also started a cake decorating business. Orders are slowly trickling in ( follow my progress at  and I have already completed a Barbie cake, Liverpool cake, Ben10 cake and am busy with a paintball cake
for Friday. This would also explain why my posts are not as frequent as they could be. 

My biggest problem is that there just NEVER seems to be enough hours in the day to do all I need to do as well as all I want. Is this true for other working, blogging, crafting moms out there? Please let me know what you are busy with. I would love to see photo's

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