Friday, May 13, 2011

Life is so unexpected

Here I am , with my chocolate, my blog and a head full of words. Today has been one of those days when,  while I know God is charge, I just wish He would let me in on the agenda. Last night was spent packing my daughters school bag, with tears streaming down my face and wondering how I was go to get through today, her first day in daycare. She is  little and still very much my baby. After dropping her off, as she is just supposed to visit for a few hours on the first day, I came home. I then got a phone call from my prospective employers, saying please do not come in on Monday,as the post ( which I was offered and which I accepted) has not yet been approved by head office. They are not sure when I will start but I will be told and I will have to wait for someone to get back to me. After psyching myself up to go back to work , this is such a let down. Going back to work is bad enough without all the extra drama.After shedding some more tears ( yes, that is my primary coping method at the moment) I was then reminded that the upside is I get to spend an extra few weeks at home with Mia. I am beginning to think that this whole idea of going back to work is jinxed. Will keep you up to date with the next installment of going back to work

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