Friday, May 6, 2011

And here I am

Or should that be who am I? I am a thirty something mom ( nearing forty something) of a one and two year old, chaotically and very happily married to a librarian and about to return to the work place (very reluctantly) after a two year stint at home. Everyone I meet tells me that this time of my life is a season that will pass, hence the title of my blog.

 I am not sure how that is supposed to comfort me, as by the time my children hit university I will be heading for retirement, which is also a season. Maybe I can then wisely pass on the same words of wisdom to a "younger" mom, who like me has hormone troubles, will have a one year old who spreads buttered toast gleefully in her hair just before bedtime, whose two year old son's favourite activities are  shopping  and visiting granny/grandpa and whose forty-something husband passes out in the middle of a conversation because he is too tired to stay awake. I AM looking forward to that day. Please join me on this seasonal journey


  1. You write so well Lauren. I'm sure I will enjoy reading your blog. Perhaps you can turn it into a book one day :o)

  2. Hi M'dear. It all sounds really exciting! Love, A