Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

You just know that your day is not going to go well when it starts with a panicked little voice saying " Mommy, Mia has blood all over her face". Leaping out of bed, I went to see what Mia had done. What a sight! She was covered in blood from forehead to chin and her bedding did not look much better. Fortunately it was a nose bleed that was easily cleaned up but the day did not improve. Clients whose stories break my heart did not improve my day. Wildly out of sink thyroid hormones just added to the mess and by five o'clock I was snivelling into my tea, with a very worried son watching me but too afraid to come closer. There are some days when you just KNOW you should have stayed in bed. Fortunately these days pass and I know that one day when my children are all grown I will wish for days like this again , when busy little bodies wake me up and fill my heart with both joy and heartache.

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