Sunday, October 21, 2012

This and that.. and a busy book page

Hi from a very wet and cold Highveld. It has been raining on and off for days now and both little ones have summer colds. Not a very happy scenario, especially as they love being outdoors. Playing in the rain puddles at granny's house did not help either.It it the first time that our youngest child has seen hail and she was absolutely fascinated.She kept on running out and collecting hailstones to show us ( after it had stopped hailing).

We have really enjoyed the few hot days that have come our way. We went swimming, visited a play park, ate ice creams and set up a tent for the children in the back yard. 
The children spent ages playing in the tent and bringing their toys out to play " house". With a tight budget, keeping two very busy little bodies occupied has required some creative thinking. The internet is a great source of ideas and inspiration. I will be sharing ideas and links to websites as I find them, as I am sure that I am the only mom on a budget.

It has been back to work for all again and the December holidays seem very far away. We have a Christmas market coming up and I am frantically trying to complete a LARGE number of stuffed animals to sell, in between the usual chaos of our lives. This has been very challenging.

We are also facing two life changing happenings in the very near future, both of which leave me with butterflies and sleepless nights ( more on this to follow).
A busy book page in progress

I would love to share with you my completed ( yes , completed) holiday project. I found the pattern for this beautiful  busy book page at Imagine our life and am really quite proud of the final result. These pages are quite addictive, much like my crochet work. I have started on  a second page, the Castle Puppet Theater, although now that we are all back at work and the Christmas Market is looming, I think this will have to wait until December
 I will also be posting new Busy Book pages as I finish them.

I am going to start remodelling our garden, so keep watching this space as I post photo's and share the progress with you. Budget gardening is going to be challenging but fun. If you have any great idea, here would be a good place to post them.
My finished Sandcastle page
That's it for now. Have a great week.See you again in a few days time

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