Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our household has grown with the addition of two goldfish. My son's first comment when he saw them was WOW! That comment made me stop and think really hard about the last time I saw something as simple and beautiful as a fish and said wow. As a child and even a young adult so many things brought tears to my eyes and made me stop in wonder at their beauty. I remember standing in the Drakensberg mountains with tears streaming down my face and goosebumps on my arms as two friends gave an impromptu open air concert. This past weekend my daughter and I spent ages watching a tiny little chameleon climbing up into a tree. She was speechless and fascinated and so was I. When did life become so hectic and complicated that I stopped being awed and amazed by the beauty of Gods creation, be it by the thunder and lightning of a Highveld storm or by the intricacy of a dragonfly wing? In this modern age of Ipads, Ipods,Wii's and Mnet, I need to remind myself to stop in wonder and connect with that which my Creator has given me to enjoy each day.

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