Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A new season

I started a new job today and the children started a new school. It was with a great deal of trepidation that we left the house this morning, with my son insisting that he wanted to " stay with Daddy". Once at the school, he said goodbye very cheerfully and my daughter barely had time to get the waterworks going before she was distracted by new toys and new faces. Then it was my turn. A new job always involves new people, which for an introvert, even a seasoned one like myself, is still a VERY scary prospect. I need not have worried as I was warmly welcomed and made to feel at home immediately. It is also a familiar environment, as I am now working as a school social worker at a school for the Deaf, which is where I had a number of cases as a new social worker when I first started practising.Watch this space for further developments....

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