Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yarn along

I have decided to join Ginny from Small Things over at her Yarn Along on Wednesdays. Why don't you join me. Although I am busy with my Granny Stripe blanket at the moment, I tend to have more than one project going at any given time, so I will share what I am busy with at the moment. I just love the colours I have chosen for my blanket and it is going to be a total indulgence for the girls in the family with our favourites of pink, lavender and purple.

The blanket is going to be a long term project so I will share here what progress I am making as I go along but in between I know there will be other projects. I have found a gorgeous knitted strawberry and apple pattern by Linda at Natural Suburbia. It is my daughter's birthday soon and her uncle has revamped a small wooden stove for her as a birthday gift. I think I am going to add some apples and strawberries to her toy kitchen as part of her birthday present.

While crochet is definitely my first love when it comes to handwork, I cannot resist yarn and material. I have a small sea shell cross stitch, an applique cat and a dress to finish as well a two quiet books. I find that doing handwork helps keep me sane and after a hectic day at work it is great to relax with a cup of tea, a good TV programme and something to make keeping my hands busy.

Happy creating!

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