Friday, April 19, 2013

Jump without a visible safety net

Every Friday Lisa-Jo over at Gypsy Mama invites all to  join in on
five Minute Friday. The idea is to write non stop for five minutes on the topic given and then post what you have written.

This week's topic is Jump.

Here goes...

Jump....when the cliff feels so high and I cannot see the bottom. When so many tell me about the insanity of this jump. When I know jumping will take all my courage and that I have no guarantee of a safe landing, when I know the fall will bumpy. But how can I not jump as I read one more story of a baby left in a dustbin, a plastic bag, an open veld to die. When I hear of another baby abandoned in hospital, no loving arms to hold her, cuddle her, comfort her when her tears fall like a grief unquenchable. How can I not jump when in my heart I have heard His call to jump. So I pray and draw on His courage for this immense leap of faith. Then I take the first step to the edge of the cliff, not seeing the safety net, not knowing how or if I will land but knowing that somewhere a baby girl with big brown eyes and coffee coloured skin waits to call me mama. So I jump........

Monday, April 8, 2013


As I sit writing, there are dishes piled high in the kitchen, school bags to be packed, washing on the line and a million other things calling for my attention. Tomorrow seems like a mountain ahead of me as the new school term starts. As I look ahead I am so unprepared, both physically and emotionally, for what the next few months will bring.  The challenges seems overwhelming and I feel so small. Why do I feel as if I have to do this on my own, as if God is not in control and has so many more resources to meet my needs than I could ever dream of ? I know that I need to rest in Him, trusting for peace and for Him to meet the needs that I know I cannot. Just today, as I was fretting about winter clothes for the children and how on earth was I going buy two new winter wardrobes when we barely have enough for the basics, there was a knock at the door, a generous neighbour bringing a bag load of clothes for my daughter. What a blessing. Why is it so hard to trust my Heavenly Father, when He has proved over and over again His ability to provide?